Cafe bar Night bar Nautica

For Cafe bar Night bar Nautica is difficult to say which of its segments is better recognised. The inner space consists of exceptionally popular bar with a wide selection of all types of alcoholic and soft drinks. Nautica’s terrace, which with interior offers more than 150 seats, is also located on the city’s waterfront and in the city which is in night is the favorite gathering place for young and cult place for an evening out. We are not exaggerating if we say that the coffee bar and terrace Marina’s main gathering of young people from all over the Makarska Riviera. With its various equipment, music and service standard, we are recognised by guest of our city who are looking for quality entertainment.

Bistro Pizzeria Centrum

Like all our facilities and Bistro Pizzeria Centrum is located in a prestigious location, in the city center, on the waterfront. Recognisable terrace design focused at maximum commodity, 150 seats, natural tree shade and palm trees, will surely attract your attention. With a unique view of the Makarska bay, lagoon, which is enclosed by two peninsulas turning it almost into the lake, Bistro Pizzeria Centrum you, with a wide range of hot and cold non-alcoholic beverages, and offers superb regional wines poured by the glass. To your enjoyment and relaxation in the center of the most popular tourist destinations in Dalmatia was completely, housekeeping Bistro Pizzeria Centrum are snacks such as sandwiches, pizzas and a large number of delicious cakes from our kitchen. If you care about to enjoy, for example, in your morning coffee at this prestigious location, while at the same time preserve your peace and privacy, includes a newly decorated interior Bistro Pizzeria Centrum.